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Well, you finally decided to show up on TOEFL test. Right, but only now start the difficult part. You wondered where to start with the exam preparation, where do you find materials, do you need to go taking private lessons in English, etc.? In this article I will try to give you some clarification on some of the questions and to help you prepare for the best possible way for the TOEFL exam.

For a start I will introduce you some basic guidelines on how to plan your time. Take a look of this TOEFL tips that I found on

“Planning your TOEFL Preparation Time

The first solid piece of advice is, if you have never taken the TOEFL test before, you really should try one of the official tests on the ETS website and also you can try TOEFL test online free.

Your TOEFL preparation time depends on many factors, not least your own starting point. Planning is important so that you can get the score you need in time to submit your university application forms. What are your deadlines? If you’re applying to several universities, make sure you’ve checked each of the due dates carefully.

Mastering Academic Skills

Image of studyingThe TOEFL iBT assesses all of the skills you need to communicate effectively in an academic environment, and university-level vocabulary and grammar are embedded in the test. Anyone who is planning to study in a foreign university that is taught entirely in English needs to master both their receptive and productive English skills.”

The next question is where to find the right materials. What do you say about TOEFL practice test pdf? You can download free information for the TOEFL on the web. About whether to prepare yourself or to ask for help from an English teacher is entirely up to you and your level of English. I do it myself, but it was difficult.

This can help you in your preparation

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